Know Your Mold: An Overview of Common Household Mold

Know Your Mold

You’ve undoubtedly heard of black mold and the havoc it can potentially cause in the average home in South Eastern Idaho However, unless you’ve had experience with mold before, odds are you actually know very little about this common household threat. The key to preventing any issue is having the facts, and mold is no exception. Some of the bare basics you should know include:

1. It’s Everywhere

The first thing you should be aware of is that mold spores are absolutely everywhere. Fungal spores use air currents and water to spread, which is how they get inside homes and other buildings to begin with. The key to prevention is to ensure the atmosphere required for mold spores to mature and spread cannot be found in your home.

2. Mold Loves Moisture

The fact is, if you have a moisture problem in your home, you’re likely to develop a mold problem if it remains unchecked. Mold primarily uses moisture as a means of spreading and tends to develop as a result of long-standing water leaks or other forms of household water damages. Furthermore, low temperatures are your friend when it comes to preventing mold, as warm air tends to trap moisture and cause moisture to condense on your home’s walls and other surfaces.

3. Cleanup is Difficult

If you do develop a mold problem in your home, it’s always best to leave mold cleanup to the professionals. Some forms of mold – such as black mold – are incredibly difficult to treat and require special tools and chemicals in most cases. To ensure you get the job done right, you should never attempt doing the cleanup job on your own.

With a little knowledge about black mold and other potential mold threats, you can work toward preventing the start of mold growth in your home with just a few easy steps and a few checkups here and there.