Cleanup Procedures After a Toilet Overflow

Seeing water on the floor of your building can be disastrous, depending on how much there is and how it got there. It may seem simple enough to clean up a moderate amount of clean water, but what happens if it came from a toilet? This could be the result of sewer damage, which poses health risks to you and everyone in the workplace. To protect everyone’s safety and to clean up the mess thoroughly, it’s important to follow the right steps and get expert help if necessary.

Your Responsibilities

If you or someone discovers that there is a flooded toilet in the building, prompt action is vital. The faster you can take care of this matter, the less damage and risk you’ll have to worry about. Here are some guidelines you should follow first:

  • Inspect the area and evaluate the extent of the flood and damage.
  • Close off the bathroom and make sure no one comes inside until the flood is cleaned up.
  • Contact a professional flood cleanup company if you detect black water.

How Toilets Can Overflow

Many people in Blackfoot, Idaho, have dealt with a toilet overflow at work or at home. Sometimes, this can occur due to clogs in the pipes that prevent water and waste from flushing properly. Using a plunger can often resolve this. For severe clogs, you may need to get in touch with a plumber. The toilet itself could be failing or improperly installed. Another likely culprit is a backed-up sewer or damaged sewer line. In addition to calling a sewage company to repair the damage, you should contact a disaster cleanup team to make your building safe again.

Cleanup Process

The water removal crew will wear protective gear while extracting water from the floor. Technicians may have to tear out flooring and drywall as well. The team will dry and sanitize the places where water was sitting. Lastly, technicians will replace and restore any materials that suffered sewer damage.
An overflowing toilet can be much worse than an inconvenience. To reduce your risks of sewer damage, make sure you follow these tips.

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