What Causes a Wet Crawl Space?

Causes Of a Wet Crawlspace

A wet crawl space is not a primary concern for many homeowners who don’t regularly think about this part of a house which provides the following functions:

  • Protection of a wooden home from the damp ground.
  • Insulation from the elements.
  • Access to plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems
  • Extra storage space.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize that this part of their house is susceptible to flooding, which leads to mold, before it is too late. Understanding why crawl spaces flood can prevent disastrous consequences.

Plumbing Problems
If a line beneath your house ruptures, it can quickly send a deluge of water through the vents of a nearby crawl space. Pipe damage in other parts of your home can also lead to water in your crawl space.

Landscape Changes
The land surrounding your house must slope away from the foundation to prevent gravity from pulling rainwater inside. Excessive rain can very quickly lead to a wet crawl space and possibly cause flooding throughout your home.

Gutter and Downspout Issues
Maintaining clean gutters is vital for keeping water out of your crawl space. When gutters fill with leaves and debris, they can not adequately accommodate rainwater, which can pool on a roof until it overflows into the soil around your house. Once there, it can quickly seep into your home’s foundation and crawl space.
Clean gutters with downspouts directed toward your home’s foundation can also cause flooding when a constant stream of water into the soil makes its way inside a crawl space.

External Water Lines
Backed up sewer lines can carry water contaminated with sewage into a crawl space. Sewer water in your crawl space must be dealt with urgently. A cleaning company experienced with handling biohazard material is best suited to manage this complicated situation.
If you discover a wet crawl space in your house in Eastern Idaho, you can rely on a professional cleaning service for help and advice.

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