Preventing COVID Outbreaks in Local Businesses

Many local businesses can be centers where COVID, or any other disease can spread. As the administrator of a local business, or facility, you have a responsibility to your customers, and their families. You must ensure their safety by doing everything possible to prevent outbreaks of illness and disease. Good news is, we have options!

Along with the people come the germs, creating the perfect environment for a viral outbreak. The only way to prevent an outbreak from occurring is to regularly disinfect. Your janitorial staff may do excellent work to remove surface germs from your properties, but they may not be able to completely remove the threat of transmittable illnesses. You need to hire a company who specializes in disinfecting both the interior and exterior of buildings.

The company you choose should have extensive experience with using electrostatic technology and EPA-registered disinfectant. They should only use safe products that have been rigorously tested by approved authorities. To avoid inadvertently poisoning your customers or employees, avoid companies who promote experimental or miracle cleaning products. Those companies can endanger the lives of those in your charge. You want to find a company who is honest and transparent. You should know from the cost of their services up front, not be surprised be hidden fees when you see the bill.

You hold the welfare of thousands of people in your hands. As a leader, you should do the responsible thing and hire a company who can ensure all the buildings on your campus are free of germs and harmful microbes. You have a critical role to play in preventing the outbreak of illness and disease. 1st Response Restoration can help you keep your business and work place safe.

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