Flood Damage in Eastern Idaho?


Our Flood Damage service is utilized to eliminate water from the home while cleaning any things which were damaged by water. This is used to help fix the structure and reduce the possibility of electric damage or harm causing mold. As well as causing damage to a property, flood damage water can spread contaminants that might result in disease. Addressing this flood damage shortly after it has happened will considerably reduce the danger of those living within the structure from becoming sick.

Flood damage happens when moisture seeps into framing, floorboards, walls, wooden trim and other parts of your Eastern Idaho home or property. Over time, this flood water will bend, warp, swell, rot, and even start mold and mildew growths.  Our professional and courteous flood water cleanup team understands the seriousness of these flood issues and they do everything they can to ensure that your home is restored properly and thoroughly. Time is extremely imperative when dealing with flood water in your home or business.

When choosing 1st Response Restoration, you are selecting powerful emergency cleanup services, as well as ensuring that problems you would have otherwise missed and would have caused serious damage later on will be taken care of. Our expert team not only addresses the emergency at hand, but can also provide the drywall, painting, flooring and plumbing services needed to return your home to its original state.  1st Response Restoration is here in your time of need to ensure that your life will be made easier.  Avoiding Future Flood Damage  Areas prone to flooding should take sufficient precautions to prevent damage in future monsoons or storms.

  • The top possible flooding prevention is altitude of the building.  Utilities and appliances within the property must be risen to avoid electrical injury or the danger of electrocution in the case of a home flood. This is particularly critical for electric equipment to the first floor or basement of your house.
  • Eastern Idaho flooding damage repair for nonresidential structures frequently targets steeling the construction to avoid floodwater in the building’s walls.
  • Barriers and wet or dry flood proofing can assist in preventing sewer backup in case of a flood.

Our local restoration specialists are standing by 24/7 to help! Call now and speak with a technician regarding your residential or commercial flood. We are ONE CALL AWAY…please reach out to us 208-684-0201