5 Ways Your Wet Carpet Can Be A Health Hazard

Is your carpet wet, damp or moist? You may be putting your life or your family in danger. If you have wet carpet in your home, call a pro immediately or pull it up and burn it now. Even after wet carpet dries, it may continue to be damaging or life-threatening to your family.

1. It’s a Perfect Environment For Dangerous Mold To Grow

Dangerous mold, such as Stachybotrys grows in wet, damp, humid conditions. This mold can produce mycotoxins. Over time, these mycotoxins can cause allergies, infections, rashes, coughs, and other chronic health issues.

2. There Can Still Be Dangers After Your Carpet Dries

After your carpet dries, it can continue to be a health hazard. Mold grows in moist, wet areas when the temperature is exactly right. That mold does not dissipate when the area dries. In fact, it then can become airborne and live in the air in your home.

Breathing in this contaminated air can cause life-long problems for anyone but especially babies, the elderly or those with weakened immune systems.

3. These Dangers Get Worse Over Time

Long term mold presence can be unhealthy for anyone. The elderly, infants, young children, individuals with weakened immune systems, chronic allergy, asthma, respiratory issues all, may be affected more severely when inhaling mold.

4. Wet Carpet Increases Your Exposure to Dangerous Mold

Mold is everywhere: in the air we breathe, on wet and dry surfaces, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Wet carpet and other water damage in your home can greatly increase these risks. If eaten accidentally, elevated levels grow inside the body and cause more than just mild health issues.

5. Wet Carpet Can Create Electrical Issues and Fires

When your carpet is wet, there is also the danger of shock. Electrical outlets exposed to water for any period can create dangerous, life-threatening issues for anyone near or around the outlet. This can also cause incredibly dangerous electrical fires in your home.

When or if your carpet becomes wet, call a water damage restoration company immediately. Never allow the carpet to continue to absorb water or remain wet. Get your carpet dried immediately.

Homeowners should seek advice if they are not knowledgeable in home repair. Professionals are better equipped and adept to make a full assessment of the damages.

Do you have signs of wet carpet or other signs of water damage in your home? Don’t wait for the damage to get worse or cause even bigger issues. Call the experts here at 1st Response Restoration today 208-684-0201, and we can help repair the damage and restore your home back to normal!