Seven Ways To Minimize The Risk Of Water Damage From Leaky Appliances

Appliances are one of the most notorious sources of water damage among homeowners. With so many appliances that use large amounts of water like refrigerators, hot water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines it’s essential that you remain on high alert to prevent your appliances from causing water damage in your home. Here are seven tips on doing so from our water damage cleanup experts at 1st Response Restoration in Eastern Idaho!

Water Damage Cleanup In East Idaho

Replace Seals As Needed

The seals on your appliances are not infallible. They have a limited lifespan so you should plan on having to replace them at some point. Keep an eye out for any visible wear to your seals or water leaking out of any places on your appliances. As soon as you notice either of these, act quickly to replace the seals before any real damage can occur. This can save you from a costly water damage cleanup in the future. 

Follow Manufacturer Instructions

Following the instructions is simple enough, but many people still neglect doing so. Take the time to read the instructions carefully to make sure you don’t neglect any important maintenance steps for your appliances. 

Maintain The Tubes And Hoses

Water supply tubes can crack, deteriorate, or rupture behind appliances. To reduce the likelihood if this happening, consider replacing your plastic tubing with stainless steel which is much more durable. You should also make sure that there is a little slack in your water supply tube when it rests behind your appliances. Too much tension can cause connection problems or make the tube kink. 

Don’t Ignore Obvious Signs Of Damage

It’s easy to put off making upgrades to your appliances when they are due for one. After all, doing so can be a serious drain on your bank account. However, failing to replace your appliances when the time is right and experiencing a water damage disaster can lead to a costly cleanup. 

Flush Debris Away

Sediment can build up over time in appliances such as water heaters and water softeners, which can create problems within the appliance. Follow manufacturer guidelines for routinely draining out a portion of the water to flush away sediment.

Ensure All Appliances Are Balanced Properly

Even a minor imbalance in your appliances can allow water to settle improperly and make the appliance leak. Make sure all your appliances are elevated before you begin using them. 

Upgrade When The Time Is Right

Finally, making regular upgrades to your appliances when they grow old is an important element of preventing water damage from your appliances. It is understandably easy to put off doing this since appliances aren’t cheap. Nonetheless, it’s better to get a new appliance that works properly when the time is right than risk water damage from an appliance that is old and worn. 

At 1st Response Restoration in East Idaho, our water damage cleanup experts hope these tips help you prevent your appliances from causing any water damage in your home. However, if your home does ever sustain any water damage for any reason don’t hesitate to give the water damage cleanup experts a call for help.