Water Damage Inspection in Eastern Idaho – 1st Response

Roof leaks, plumbing or appliance failures, storms, floods or fires being extinguished can cause all sorts of water damage. Are you worried about hidden water in your home causing damage?

Well, worry no more, because 1st Response Restoration is here to perform professional, thorough water damage inspection for any type or extent of water damage.

Our water damage inspection reports are assisting home/property owners in their repair and restoration process. We provide water damage inspection as well as restorative services e.g. Fire, Storm & Flood, Commercial Restorations throughout BlackfootPocatelloIdaho Falls, and anywhere throughout our Eastern Idaho service area. Contact us online or call 208-684-0201 to learn more about our water damage inspection services.

Can You Detect Water Damage?

Water Damage Inspection

Once you notice water damage in your property, you will be eager to clean it up at once on your own. However, if water leaks occur in hard-to-reach areas, like inside your walls, would you be able to assess the damage?

Let our professionals determine the root of your water damage, be it a roof leak, plumbing break or leak, natural flooding occurrence, appliance leak or overflow, slab leak or any other. Just because repairs to drywall or other surfaces cannot be initiated until the leaking source is identified and stopped.

Obvious water damage is easy to see, but our experts will spot the full nature and extent of damage that you cannot detect with sight, such as roof, floors, carpets, ceilings, walls, crawl spaces, hidden contents, attic or closet damage, etc., into which water might have leaked.

Our professionals will also identify the type of water whether it be flood water damage or secondary water damage such as- mold, drywall damage or rust.

Trust Us for Water Damage Inspections

We will be there for you in every step of your water damage restoration process, from water damage inspection to insurance claim filing, till repair work. We are the restoration service to earn your trust for water damage inspection, restoration and damage recovery.

Contact us for any assistance or call 208-684-0201 to speak with one of our repsentatives. Let us ease your worries with our Water Damage Inspections and restoration services for damage recovery today.