moldy shower in pocatello idaho

How to Clean a Moldy Shower

Mold growth is extremely common in residential bathrooms. The wet, warm, humid environment that your bathroom can create is an ideal breeding ground for mold. Shower mold is especially common since this is where most of the excessive moisture is left behind. If your bathroom in Pocatello, Idaho is experiencing an unwanted mold problem, use […]


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hose bib replacement in blackfoot idaho

Hose Bib Replacement in Eastern Idaho

Hose bibs are handy for watering the lawn, gardening, washing cars, and so much more. Hose bibs can last a long time with proper care, but over the years they will start to experience normal wear and tear, leading to problems like leaking. Sometimes the problem is an easy fix, but other times multiple parts […]

Snow Melt Can Flood Basement in Pocatello, Idaho

You may think your winter blues will go away after the sun melts off all the snow, but many homeowners may find their problems get bigger when all the snow starts to melt. 1st Response Restoration is already bracing for an influx of emergency phone calls after the sun has started to melted some of […]

emergency home damage

We are Named 1st Response; and We Mean It!

Happy New Year Eve! When we say 24/7 emergency response, we mean it… 365 days a year! We just responded to an emergency at this home! It’s cold outside. Keep an eye on how the cold effects your home. If you’re worried, give us a call! Call or Text – 208-684-0201

shower mold on Idaho falls

How To Know if You Have a Shower Leak

How to Determine If Your Shower Is Leaking A bathtub leak can quickly damage the floors and walls of your Pocatello, Idaho, home. You thus need to regularly inspect your shower and bathtub for signs of damage. Otherwise, your house may sustain extensive flooding that necessitates water damage remediation experts.Shower pans are particularly problematic. A shower pan leak […]

Blackfoot Idaho flooded basement damage

What to do After a Flood

Post- Flood Clean Up After a flood, your home can be damaged in several ways. You may find that the water has seeped into your walls and floors or even caused mold to grow. There are things you can do on your own and those that need to be handled by professionals. Below we’ll cover […]

When Sprinkler Season Floods Your Eastern Idaho Property

Summer is in full force. Birds are chirping, and trees are full of leaves. For many Eastern Idaho residents and business owners, it’s time to keep the lawn healthy and green. And in our climate, it’s common to have to water the lawn. A LOT OF WATER! Unfortunately, that can lead to unanticipated problems. Idaho […]

When Mold Becomes An Emergency: Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Mold growing outdoors forms an essential part of our natural ecosystem since it’s instrumental in breaking down plant and animal matter. However, mold can become a concern once it enters your home and starts to reproduce. Uncontrolled microbial growth is notorious for eating through building materials such as wood, drywall, and insulation and will even […]

We’re ALWAYS Here for YOU!

Our licensed and trained crews are ready 24/7 for any home disaster that may strike you without warning! We are local, and we are always here for you. Make a mental note now, when in need, 1st Response Restoration! Water? Fire? Mold? Disaster Clean Up? Covid Deep Clean? We can do it all, and we […]

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