roof damage can be fixed in idaho

Defending Your Home With Roof Renovations

The roof is your home’s first line of defense, so it is important that it stays in good shape. Since it is constantly exposed to all the elements, there are many things that could affect your roof and cause damage. In fact, here are some of the most common roof problems that could affect your Bannock […]

Carpet Cleanup From Water Damage!

From drinking, showering, to cooking, water is part of our everyday life. However, an overflowing bathtub, leaky pipe, or bad rainstorm are things nobody wants to encounter. They can cause big messes and big problems. One of which is damaged carpet.  Water Damage Cleanup In Blackfoot How To Avoid Carpet Damage Carpet is typically made […]

Early Water Damage Signs To Be Aware Of In Your Pocatello Home!

The best way to mitigate damages to your Pocatello home following water damage is to find the problem as soon as possible. The problem is early signs of water damage can be easily overlooked. If you know what signs to look for, you can increase your chances of spotting water damage before the problem becomes severe. Here are some […]

Seven Ways To Minimize The Risk Of Water Damage From Leaky Appliances

Appliances are one of the most notorious sources of water damage among homeowners. With so many appliances that use large amounts of water like refrigerators, hot water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines it’s essential that you remain on high alert to prevent your appliances from causing water damage in your home. Here are seven tips […]


EXPERTS ON SITE WITHIN :30 MINUTES TO – 3 HOURS! Fast response is critical. If addressed quickly, much of the damage done to your home and belongings by the fire, water and smoke can be fixed. However, left unchecked, items can go from cleanable to unsalvageable in only a few days. Our technicians have hands-on, […]

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3 Tips for Preventing a Space Heater Fire

Does your home in Pocatello, Idaho, have a space heater? Being responsible for more than 40% of heater fires, a burned space heater is a common culprit that many fire cleanup specialists see often. There are many easy ways to stay safe with one of these fixtures in your home. 1. Leave SpaceIt’s called a space heater because […]

The BEST Local Professionals!

Our guys are the best of the best, and prove it every single day! We have the best team of local professionals that can do any job big or small. They’re legitimately happy to help put your life back to normal. When in doubt about whether or not you have a problem in your home […]

Business of the Month – March 2021

1st Response Restoration is highlighting local businesses in Eastern Idaho who give back to the community!

Home Repairs? We’ve Got You!

When disaster strikes, we have the team that goes in and makes it right! But you may not know that our experienced team of contractors of all backgrounds can be used for any job around the house! Need carpet? We do that. Want to update a bathroom? We have the team that will transform your […]

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