When Sprinkler Season Floods Your Eastern Idaho Property

Summer is in full force. Birds are chirping, and trees are full of leaves. For many Eastern Idaho residents and business owners, it’s time to keep the lawn healthy and green. And in our climate, it’s common to have to water the lawn. A LOT OF WATER! Unfortunately, that can lead to unanticipated problems. Idaho […]

When Mold Becomes An Emergency: Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Mold growing outdoors forms an essential part of our natural ecosystem since it’s instrumental in breaking down plant and animal matter. However, mold can become a concern once it enters your home and starts to reproduce. Uncontrolled microbial growth is notorious for eating through building materials such as wood, drywall, and insulation and will even […]

We’re ALWAYS Here for YOU!

Our licensed and trained crews are ready 24/7 for any home disaster that may strike you without warning! We are local, and we are always here for you. Make a mental note now, when in need, 1st Response Restoration! Water? Fire? Mold? Disaster Clean Up? Covid Deep Clean? We can do it all, and we […]

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Fire Dangers to Avoid This Summer

Summer is here, and that means it is time for fun and relaxation! However, it can also mean danger. The summertime heat (and activities) can cause an understandable surge in fires.  In this article, our fire safety experts at 1st Res will discuss some of the most common fire hazards associated with summer, and make sure you know exactly […]

Insurance Claims – Does 1st Response Work with ALL Insurance Companies?

Insurance Claims Assistance in Eastern Idaho! To spare you the hassle of going through different channels, 1st Response Restoration can assist with filing your water damage insurance claim to the insurance company at the completion of the restoration job. Trust 1st Response for Your Insurance Claim 1st Response Restoration has been maintaining its reputation for […]

Water Damage Inspection in Eastern Idaho – 1st Response

Roof leaks, plumbing or appliance failures, storms, floods or fires being extinguished can cause all sorts of water damage. Are you worried about hidden water in your home causing damage? Well, worry no more, because 1st Response Restoration is here to perform professional, thorough water damage inspection for any type or extent of water damage. […]

Frozen Pipe Repair – Blackfoot Idaho

Water Damage? Call Idaho’s BEST Restoration Company — 1st Response Restoration! Once the outdoor temperature starts dropping, you have to keep an eye on your plumbing and pipes. The cold weather can freeze the water flowing through your plumbing and create blockages in the system. Without free-flowing water, pressure can build up in lines, leading to […]

Spring is MOLD GROWTH Season

Are You Prepared for Spring Mold? Groundhog day’s come and gone and it looks like we’re predicted to have six more weeks of winter. We are definitely coming up on spring, though. Spring is mold season and mold can be a serious health issue. The best way to deal with it is to prevent it, […]

Who’s Responsible for Water Damage: Tenants or Landlords?

Are you looking to resolve a water damage conflict in a rental unit? Water damage can have costly consequences. The ruined wallpaper, furnishings, and personal items rack up a considerable bill. When this happens in a private residence, the next steps are clear for most homeowners. But water damage in a rental property can spark […]

We work with insurance

We Work with YOUR Insurance Company

Living in Eastern Idaho, our citizens face more than the normal amount of storm and flood damage. Because we cannot stop these natural disasters, we must find an alternative solution when they occur. That is where 1st Response Restoration enters the picture with superior restoration services and the ability to assist with insurance claims. We […]

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