Flood Damage in Eastern Idaho?

For FAST 24/7 SERVICE IN EASTERN IDAHO CALL 208-684-0201 Our Flood Damage service is utilized to eliminate water from the home while cleaning any things which were damaged by water. This is used to help fix the structure and reduce the possibility of electric damage or harm causing mold. As well as causing damage to a […]

Mold Dangers in Idaho

Nearly 37 million Americans have difficulties with sinusitis, and as mentioned by the Mayo Clinic, the huge majority of these cases result from mold. Clearly, sinusitis is only one of several threats when you’ve got black mold in your house. The black mold variety can cause fatal problems. That is the reason why it’s so […]

How To Spot Water Damage in your Crawl Space

Water in the crawl space under your house is more than a mere inconvenience. Standing water and even high humidity under the house can cause mold to grow, which poses a significant threat to the health of your family. When the soil beneath your house gets soaked with water, rising moisture and water vapor increase the […]

Smoke Restoration EXPERTS!

Act quickly, call (208)-684-0201 for 24/7 EMERGENCY RESPONSE! While a fire can do an huge amount of damage, smoke damage can completely devastate your home, and the cleanup process can be extremely time consuming. Even the smallest of fires can produce enough smoke to ruin furniture, walls and carpets. Our Idaho smoke restoration experts will repair all smoke damage, including smells, to your […]

Commercial Restoration Services in Eastern Idaho!

Compared to residential homes, commercial establishments see more human activity on a daily basis and property owners have to interact with their customers and make sure that their product(s) are in good condition at all times. If nothing goes wrong during work hours, then one could say that the store had a pretty good day. However, this good business flow […]

idaho water damage

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Hopefully, you won’t ever have to deal with water damage in your home. But for some of us, this is an issue that we will face at some point or another down the line. Water damage is any damage that water can create to your property. In a normally functioning home, water should only enter your […]

Crime Scene Cleaning in Eastern Idaho!

Eastern Idaho life is full of uncertainties and these uncertainties can involve both good and bad incidents. While good incidents give us a number of memories to cherish, the bad ones traumatize our lives in a number of ways that we could ever imagine. The bad memories, especially the ones associated with a crime, be […]

Here’s What To Expect During a Water Damage Remediation & Restoration Project

If you’ve had a burst pipe or flooding in your home or business location, a water damage remediation & restoration project may be necessary. Here’s what to expect from the process. From the moment you discover water damage, speed is key to resolving the issue without lasting damage to your property. Your first step should […]

Dry Out Services

WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE YOU NEED, CALL 1ST RESPONSE FOR HELP TODAY! Have you experienced water loss and need emergency dry out services? 1ST Response Restoration is a locally owned and operated provider of emergency water extraction since 2017. We serve the dry out needs of homeowners and businesses throughout the area. Our staff is […]

Preventing COVID Outbreaks in Local Businesses

Many local businesses can be centers where COVID, or any other disease can spread. As the administrator of a local business, or facility, you have a responsibility to your customers, and their families. You must ensure their safety by doing everything possible to prevent outbreaks of illness and disease. Good news is, we have options! […]