Want Quick Action From Your Insurance Company? Call the Right Cleanup Team

Like anyone in East Idaho, you dread the thought of water damage or a flood infiltrating your home, or your business. If you need immediate help following incidents such as these, you should have two groups on your mind: your insurance agency and a restoration company. Both of these essential helpers will help get your business […]

Here are Tips to Keep Your Home Safe From Candle Use This Holiday Season

Candle Safety Young children should be taught to stay away from lit candles. Keep lit candles out of reach of children and pets. Candle lighting is not an appropriate activity for small children, so keep all matches and lighters out of the sight and reach of children. Older children can learn to use them under […]

Fix A Leaky Roof; RIGHT!

If You Discover A Roof Leak Make Sure To Take The Right Steps A roof is one of the most important parts of a commercial building. A well-constructed roof will protect your building from the elements. It also provides security and safety from harm and danger. As a roof begins to wear out, leaks could […]

Water Damage Do’s and Don’ts

House Flooding Don’ts Don’t Panic – Call Us Immediately.  Time is not on you side  – act quickly to prevent water damage. Do not try to clean up standing water yourself with a vacuum cleaner! Do not use electrical appliances or electrical equipment in flooded i.e. wet flooring or carpets. Do not put you or your loved […]

Cleanup Procedures After a Toilet Overflow

Seeing water on the floor of your building can be disastrous, depending on how much there is and how it got there. It may seem simple enough to clean up a moderate amount of clean water, but what happens if it came from a toilet? This could be the result of sewer damage, which poses health […]

What Causes a Wet Crawl Space?

Causes Of a Wet Crawlspace A wet crawl space is not a primary concern for many homeowners who don’t regularly think about this part of a house which provides the following functions: Protection of a wooden home from the damp ground. Insulation from the elements. Access to plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems Extra storage […]

We Also Install CARPET!

Among the more serious calls we get here at 1st Response, we also get typical home improvement calls as well. We have some of the best carpet people in the East Idaho area on our crew. We also buy LARGE quantities of carpet, so we have access to carpet faster than most!

Crime Scene Cleaning in East Idaho

Life is full of uncertainties and these uncertainties can involve both good and bad incidents. While good incidents give us a number of memories to cherish, the bad ones traumatize our lives in a number of ways that we could ever imagine. The bad memories, especially the ones associated with a crime, be it an […]

Know Your Mold: An Overview of Common Household Mold

Know Your Mold You’ve undoubtedly heard of black mold and the havoc it can potentially cause in the average home in South Eastern Idaho However, unless you’ve had experience with mold before, odds are you actually know very little about this common household threat. The key to preventing any issue is having the facts, and mold is no […]

How To Prevent Mold in Your Home

Mold and water damage can be a time consuming problem in Idaho Falls, Idaho, so it’s best to prevent it before it happens. To control the mold, all you need to do is control the water in your home. As long as it’s all going where it’s supposed to, you shouldn’t ever have a problem! […]