Expert Mold Removal in Eastern Idaho

If you suspect mold may be growing in your commercial or residential property, don’t wait to get it taken care of and removed. By taking action quickly, we will be able to mitigate the damage and prevent the spread of mold. Our professional team removes existing mold growth, dries and cleans the area, and addresses the problem that caused mold to grow to begin with.

The damage done by mold to your property may just be surface level, but it can get to a point where it is considered a health risk. Elderly people, small children, or those with an already compromised immune system can suffer from being around and breathing in mold-infested air. If you find or suspect mold in your property, call 1st Response Restoration for help in removing mold.

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Understanding How Mold Growth occurs

Mold spores surround us everywhere, indoors and outdoors. Mold thrives on moisture and can spread when spores become airborne. Spores can lay dormant for long periods of time and reproduce only when ideal growth conditions are presented.

Individual mold spores are microscopic, so you may not even know you have a mold problem until you see large areas of mold growth or notice a musty smell. Mold often begins to grow following a flood, storm, or water disaster. High humidity levels inside your home can also cause mold growth to occur when humid air comes in contact with cold surfaces and creates condensation. In any case, mold requires moisture to grow, and it cannot be remedied until the water source is addressed. 

Mold Removal Professionals

Our team at 1st Response Restoration offers professional service every step of the way. From first contact, to when we come to your residential property to remove mold, and any other contact, you can be sure you will receive quality and professional service from experienced mold removal experts.

We always leave each space better than it was before; for mold removal this means removing all the mold spores to prevent further mold growth. Our team at 1st Response Restoration will remove any and all mold in your home and get you back to a normal and healthy environment. Call today if you are in need of mold removal services!

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